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Why Homeowners Rely on Experts for Pressure Cleaning

Pressure washing is a process that uses a high-velocity spray to remove dirt and other materials from surfaces. Some homeowners rent pressure washers and do their own DIY Residential Pressure Cleaning. However, the equipment can be dangerous in unskilled hands and must be used correctly to get the best results. With that in mind, most homeowners hire experts who can efficiently adapt the powerful machines to a variety of purposes. Professionals often use a variety of nozzles and washing techniques for projects.

Technicians Can Pressure Wash a Range of Surfaces

Expert pressure cleaning is an ideal way to eliminate allergy-causing growths like mold from exterior home surfaces. Technicians use high-pressure water to remove unsightly materials so homes are ready for painting or staining. Pressure cleaning can also improve curb appeal. Specialists also use high-velocity sprayers for cleaning gutters, roofs, and decks. They routinely restore sidewalks, patios, driveways, and siding.

Experts Adapt Nozzles to Projects

Professionals adapt pressure cleaning machines to each project by changing spray nozzles. The size of a nozzle determines the spray angle and the number of gallons of water per minute applied. Experienced technicians know exactly what effect each nozzle produces and will choose the size that produces optimal results without damaging surfaces. Technicians also alter results by adjusting the distance between the nozzle and the surface. The closer the sprayer is to a surface, the greater the pressure. In addition, they may add steam heat to remove substances like oil and grease.

Professionals Use Specialized Treatments

Pressure cleaning specialists use an array of treatments to get ideal results. For example, they typically presoak surfaces with a degreaser, detergent, or chemical to minimize washing time. Presoaking also reduces the quantity of chemicals needed. Technicians are careful to rinse presoaking materials off completely. Many technicians include wax injections when cleaning vehicles, homes, and trailers. The hot wax injections work much like the waxing options at car washes. When professionals apply wax to vehicles, they follow the treatment with a cold rinse.

Homeowners often rely on pressure cleaning experts to remove grime from exterior surfaces. Expert pressure cleaning can prepare homes for painting and restore surfaces such as patios and sidewalks. Technicians use a range of agents, nozzles, and washing techniques to clean surfaces safely and thoroughly.